RELEASE: 3D Announces Strategic Partnership with Autodesk

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December 3, 2014

Expansion of Powerful 3D Content Access and Management in the 3D Printing Ecosystem

London. 3nd Dec. 2014:  Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk, yesterday announced a strategic partnership with 3D (3DI)at the opening of the Autodesk University event in Las Vegas. 3DI is the leading 3D search and content discovery engine, and Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design and 3D printing software. The collaboration is intended to make 3D printable content truly accessible, and traceable, within the 3D printing ecosystem.

Autodesk is a giant of design software, having shaped the industry over the past decade. The firm is now trailblazing the application and adoption of 3D printing and digital fabrication by launching Spark, an open 3D printing software platform.

3D is the 3D search engine firm. With its proprietary 3D search technology, the firm is on a mission to make every online 3D model searchable and traceable by 3D form and shape. This overcomes the limitations of text and language, and enables intuitive, accurate and rapid navigation of the 3D landscape. 3DI powers, the definitive 3D search engine for 3D printable content, and, the 3D search engine for the manufacturing sector.

3DI intends to order and organize the 3D content on the Spark platform, while providing access to web-wide 3D printable data. This offers a powerful channel between 3DI’s content partners and customers on the one hand, and Spark users on the other. Critically, using its matching technology, 3DI will support attribution and tracing of 3D intellectual property in order to underpin the transparency that will support the open nature of the community.

“Working together, Autodesk and 3DI are able to solve 3D content challenges facing the 3D printing space, including universal access, management and attribution”, says Seena Rejal, CEO and Founder of 3D “We are excited to be working with such formidable partners at such a formative stage in the evolution of the sector to better organize the 3D Web and make it easier for everyone to engage with 3D printing.”


3D (3DI) is the 3D search engine firm. It is on a mission to democratize 3D content access by making every online 3D model searchable by 3D form and shape. This offers far more intuitive, accurate and universal navigation and content discovery in the 3D Web than use of keywords or text.

Beyond 3D search portals in 3D printing ( and manufacturing (, 3DI also offers embedded 3D content portals and enterprise-level 3D big data solutions. With its expanding global 3D registry, 3DI is pioneering authentication of 3D intellectual property and digital rights in online sharing and collaboration environments.

Launched in 2012, 3DI is based in London and consists of a world-class team of technologists, designers and business experts from Europe and the US. 3DI has recently been featured in Forbes, and SolidSmack, amongst others.

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