RELEASE: Brings 3D Search to 3D Printing

PRESS RELEASE: July 23, 2014 Brings 3D Search to 3D Printing Develops Shape-based Search for Printable Models


LONDON: (3DI) has announced the launch of, a revolutionary 3D search engine that navigates 3D content on the Web by shape, offering rapid, easy and intuitive exploration and sourcing of 3D printables.


The platform is powered by 3DI’s proprietary 3D search algorithms which organize and search by shape and form. This offers more powerful, accurate, speedy and intuitive navigation of 3D content compared to conventional search engines based on textual and numerical tagging. In this way, it also overcomes differences in language, labeling and naming conventions.


Seena Rejal, CEO and Founder of, says, “there is rapid proliferation of 3D printable content on the Web, yet most of this remains disparate, piecemeal, disorganized and unprotected. Effective ordering and navigating of this growing online universe of 3D models and databases in order to feed the expanding installed base of 3D printers, can determine the 3D printing sector’s ability to sustain continued growth and expansion.”


Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, users can upload 3D models of shapes similar to those they are seeking, or can choose from a selection of basic geometries and sample shapes to initiate and refine searches. aims to make every online 3D printable model instantly searchable and is partnering with major online databases and content providers to deliver this. Meantime, many of the freely available shapes on the Internet, including those from leading 3D printing communities, have been catalogued by the platform.


For Makers, transforms the experience of exploring and searching for 3D printable content online. At the same time, the platform drives targeted traffic to 3D printing communities and services. For designers and database owners, 3DI’s technology also offers uniquely effective solutions to the increasingly critical issue of tracking usage of innovative 3D designs across the Web to mitigate against infringements.


“The explosion in 3D Web content means conventional text-based search is no longer sufficient”, says Rejal. “Put simply, 3D printing demands 3D search.”


About (3DI) is the 3D search engine firm, redefining the online 3D experience with its proprietary cutting-edge shape-based search technology. Using the universal language of 3D shape, 3D search offers rapid, accurate and intuitive navigation of the growing 3D online universe.


3DI has developed a range of 3D search-based products and solutions, including industry-specific search portals and mobile device apps. 3DI also provides innovative next generation 3D database management solutions, including 3D content authentication for open online repositories. In this way, 3DI is shaping the response to the growing demand for 3D content control, database integrity, citation and authorship trackback in online sharing and collaboration environments.


The company is based in London and consists of a world-class team of technologists, designers and business experts from Europe and the US. 3DI has been covered in Forbes, and SolidSmack.


3D Industries Ltd. is registered in the United Kingdom. Registration No: 07007336




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3D model file used to run search (see below) – an iPhone case

iPhone Case CAD Model As Search Query

Using the above model to 3D search, we find more than 100 similar iPhone cases Search Results

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