Release 29 Apr 2013: 3DLT Collaborates with 3D to Validate Intellectual Property Ownership


3DLT Collaborates with 3D to Validate Intellectual Property Ownership

3DLT, a 3D printing template marketplace, is pleased to announce its collaboration with 3D (3DI). 3DLT will implement key elements of 3DI’s technology to further validate the intellectual property ownership of files it receives from designers, making one of the most secure and trusted marketplaces in 3D printing.

3DLT has committed to taking a leadership role in the intellectual property (IP) debate surrounding 3D printable files.

“We have thoroughly reviewed the process by which we onboard new designers,” says 3DLT CEO, Pablo Arellano. “We have benchmarked industry best practices around onboarding creative assets. 3DI was identified as the proven leader in this space and we are thrilled to join them in collaboration.”

The tools supplied by 3DI will allow 3DLT to take proactive steps to validate IP ownership. Specifically, 3DI’s software will cross-check 3D printable files received by 3DLT against a global database, verifying the upload and providing trackback to the author. This will tighten IP validation while creating even more global visibility for 3DLT and its designers by being syndicated to the 3DI database.

3DI CEO, Dr. Seena Rejal, says “We are excited to be working with 3DLT in implementing our advanced 3D content authentication and management solutions. This infrastructure will position 3DLT as a leading secure and transparent repository for 3D printable models.”

About 3D

3D (3DI) is the 3D search engine firm, redefining the online 3D experience with its proprietary shape-based search technology. Using the universal language of 3D shape, 3D search offers rapid, accurate and intuitive navigation of the growing 3D online universe.

3D has developed a range of 3D search-based products and solutions, including industry-specific search portals (e.g. and mobile device apps. 3DI is also a leader in the provision of innovative next generation 3D database management solutions, including 3D content authentication for open, online repositories. In this way, 3DI is shaping the response to the growing demand for 3D content control, citation and authentication in open online sharing and collaboration environments.

The company, launched in 2011, is based in London and consists of a world-class team of technologists, designers and business experts from Europe and the US. 3DI has recently been featured in Forbes, Inc. and SolidSmack, amongst others.

About 3DLT

3DLT is a 3D printing template marketplace. 3DLT works with some of the world’s top industrial designers to accelerate the adoption of 3D printable products by the everyday consumer. offers a wide selection of well-organized, curated designs across multiple categories, making it easy for consumers – from grandparents to grandchildren – to purchase 3D designs they can print at home, online, or at a local 3D print shop.

3DLT was launched in 2012 and is managed by a diverse, experienced team whose complementary skills include industrial design, printing, eCommerce, technology, and marketing. 3DLT has recently been featured in TechCrunch and Popular Science, among others.


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