Shaping Search
We are organizing the 3D world, reshaping industries and revolutionising business processes along the way. The company develops and deploys next generation advanced 3D shape search technology across different platforms and sectors.

Disruptive Next Generation 3D Search
Searching by 3D shape & geometry revolutionises the web user experience. It is the powerful & intuitive way to access & navigate 3D web content.

Industry Defining Applications
From revolutionising the global component sourcing market, to solving the problem of finding 3D printable designs & authenticating 3D designs on the web, 3DI is setting standards & defining the future of industries.

Powerful Tools & Solutions
Platforms, Apps & customised corporate solutions offer radically new sources of productivity & value to users & businesses in manufacturing, 3D printing & beyond.

Our Products

Online platform.
Global manufacturing.
Instantly matching buyers of industrial components to manufacturers using 3D shape. FIND OUT MORE
Online platform.
3D Printing
The hub for instantly sourcing 3D printable designs on the web. FIND OUT MORE

Our Services

User Experience
Transform the user experience on your site with the addition of our powerful 3D navigation & search tools. Improve engagement & drive sales with shape-based suggestions.
3D Data Management
Navigate, search and sift through your growing 3D database intuitively & quickly. Save time and costs.
Database Integrity
Maintain quality by rapidly identifying illegitimate or unwanted 3D uploads. Also reduce redundant replication or poor quality uploads. Enhance quality & mitigate risks.
3DI Affiliation
Get your content driven through the 3DI network. Maximise reach – generate leads and hits.
Analyse use of your 3D data by clients across the web.
Tailored solutions
Our powerful technology can be tailored to your data and needs.
“3DI will organize the 3D world.”

Explore how we can create value for your database and business.

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